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LIQUID POUCH 1.68 LITERS WITH CAP INFORMATION PRODUIT Capacity / Size:250X300X100mmPRODUCT FORMATQuantity per package: 500.00Dimension: 18X18X20 Weight: 51.45 Cubic volume: 3.75 cubic feet PALLET FORMAT Quantity per pallet: 0.00 Dimension / pallet: 0ALPHASIROP,POUCH,POCHETTECATEGORY Packaging Su..
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JAN: QTY: 11
AMERICAIN STRABERRY CRATE 2 COLORS (METHOT GENERIC) INFORMATION PRODUIT Capacity / Size:12 CHOPINE/PINTPRODUCT FORMATQuantity per package: 50.00Dimension: 47X25X6 Weight: 53.57 Cubic volume: 4.24 cubic feet PALLET FORMAT Quantity per pallet: 1400.00 Dimension / pallet: 47x48x91ALPHAMETHOT ,COFFRE,..
Starting From $178.00CA
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